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Vegas Weddings is offering you the ease and grace of minimal planning. With 21 years of experience and over 100,000 weddings in Vegas performed we know what couples want. We’ve packaged that up affordably, so you don’t stress.

We’ve already got the vendors lined up, your I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Details and care is the name of our game. Simple is the name of yours. We’ve got this. You just show up like the beaming bride (or gleaming groom) you are!

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels & Venues

Where do you want to get married? Vegas Weddings has over 12 wedding venues to choose from. We've got chapels, gazebos, covered gardens, reception halls and epic outdoor locations like a Valley of Fire desert wedding, an adventurous marriage in a helicopter to the Grand Canyon or name your spot with a Pop-up wedding. Click to your heart's content.


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*FREE 6 Rose Bouquet Upgrade 

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Why do people get married in Vegas?

Cost and convenience baby! The average wedding in the United States costs $25,000. The average guest count is around 100. With Vegas Weddings you can get married for a fraction of that price and still experience the quality of what you find for that $25,000.

How much does it cost to get married in Vegas?

Simple wedding packages start at $159, outdoor venues start at $399 and our average customer effortlessly spends less than $1000 out the door. That’s with your wedding planner, luxury limousine transportation, on-site coordinators, use of the venue, fresh flowers, video, full coverage professional photography with images issued in high resolution in full color, black & white and sepia toned. Plus, a social media ready folder for easy posting with smaller sized images.

How much is a wedding and reception in Las Vegas?

Our wedding & reception packages range from $1,499 - $14,999 and allow for up to 225 guests. That’s a big range. To give you a better idea, our most popular small wedding and reception package is $3,199, but if you’re planning for 100 guests then you’re looking at complete packages from $6,499.

Considering the average 100 guest wedding cost mentioned above, you’ve likely just saved more than $15,000 by get married with Vegas Weddings. Who says there are no winners in Vegas?

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Why is it so easy to get married in Vegas?

Aside from saving thousands of dollars, there are many reasons. Yes, you can just show up, get your marriage license and walk-in to a place to get married. Simple, no stress, no waiting and no blood tests, but that is not the only reason it is easy to get married here.

Most people want a little more than getting married on the spot, but with the grace of minimal planning. That's what we're offering you. With 21 years of experience and over 100,000 weddings in Vegas performed we know what couples want. We've packaged that up affordably, so you don't have to do much more than show up.

Want hair and make-up? We've got that too.

Worried about loved ones that can't make it? They can watch the live stream online.

Need a tux? We have tux & gown rentals.

Perhaps you want to buy a dress? Vegas has world-class shopping.

Many couples love the convenience of a one-stop wedding destination. With luxury spas, epic nigh clubs and shows there is no shortage of ways to party before and honeymoon after.

It is so easy to get married in Vegas because there is such a wide range of affordable places to get married and one-of-a-kind wedding experiences. From elegant chapels, inexpensive outdoor venues, desert weddings amongst magnificent red rock formations, Grand Canyon weddings by helicopter and more. We've got it all. You just need to know we've got you.

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