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Vegas Weddings & COVID-19

Find out how to get married in Vegas during coronavirus, how it is affecting your wedding plans and marriage paperwork.


Vegas Weddings

On-Site Locations Include:
  • THE Wedding Chapel - Our most sought-after venue. Tradition with a touch of modern elegance. Automatic double door entry. Seats up to 100. Packages from $399.
  • The Terrace Gazebo - Second story balcony. Beautiful gazebo. Sunset view. Seats up to 30. Packages from $399.
  • The Reception Hall - Warm, modern ambiance. Wood Floors. Seats up to 60. All- inclusive packages from $1,499.
  • The Crystal Suite - Intimate. Sophisticated. Seats up to 10. Packages from $149.
  • The Fast Lane - Walk up and drive-thru weddings from $79.

The Wedding Garden in Las Vegas

Features Include:
  • Indoor wedding venue with outdoor ambiance
  • Mediterranean garden with Roman columns
  • Located inside The Casino Wedding Chapel
  • Seats up to 40
  • Packages from $399

The Casino Wedding Chapel

Features Include:
  • Slot machine tank as seen on the hit TV show, TANKED!
  • Authentic casino decor
  • Themed packages including Elvis
  • An authentic Vegas casino experience
  • Seats up to 10
  • Packages from $149

Wedding Locations in Las Vegas

If your wedding budget is under $700 your best choice would be our outdoor chapel, The Terrace Gazebo or THE Wedding Chapel. Both are located in the same building where there is also an option for a reception in our wedding banquet hall.  

If you can spend more than $700, then it's really a matter of your aesthetic preference, the type of wedding ceremony you want and whether or not you want a wedding reception. Packages in our main wedding chapel are always the best value, but if you want unforgettable nature, a chance in a lifetime wedding or an upscale outdoor lake view venue then look here, call now or chat with us online.