The Terrace Gazebo, Outdoor Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas The Terrace Gazebo
The Terrace Gazebo


Looking for an outdoor wedding chapel in Las Vegas? The Terrace Gazebo venue seats up to 30 people and is ideal for sunset ceremonies! This is the most inexpensive outdoor wedding venue we offer. To find your wedding package for The Terrace Gazebo, simply click on the link below and choose any package costing $399 or more.  Receptions are also available on-site. All-inclusive ceremony and reception packages start at $1,499.

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Outdoor Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

What time of the year are you getting married? Everyone knows an it can get pretty hot in Vegas, but are you also aware the winters can be quite chilly? Protect yourself from the elements and get married in an indoor Mediterranean garden chapel with an outdoor ambiance. Packages in The Wedding Garden are also very affordable, starting at $399. 

As mentioned above, The Terrace Gazebo is the most inexpensive Las Vegas wedding venue outdoors. Why? Because it is on-site which enables us to keep costs down for you. The next, most affordable outdoor wedding venues in Vegas are at a site exclusive to Vegas Weddings, the Hilton Garden Inn. Packages here start at $999. If your wedding budget is just over $1,000 you'll have access to some of the most stunning and unique places to get married in Las Vegas.

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